Hammer to Nail

"What Do You Want From Me?" By Savage (What I Want Is To Watch This Over And Over And Over Again Until I Die)

Rest Peacefully, Philip Seymour Hoffman…

Beautiful. Beautifuller. Beautifullest.

Fuck Buttons “Brainfreeze” (aka, How Something Technically SFW Can Somehow Seem So Disturbingly NSFW)

This song and unofficial video… one could watch/listen forever…

William Tyler Pays Tribute to Two-Lane Blacktop(director/editor, Michael Carter)

College Humor’s “Music Videos Without Music: Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop” (Hard To Fathom That These Visuals Aren’t Manipulated Also But That Isn’t The Case)

Jessica Oreck’s This Working Man Short Film Series. First Installment: “Steven Bronstein: Blacksmith.”